Who We Are

Who We Are

Sweet Doe Dairy is an 81-acre farmstead and creamery in central Vermont that produces premium goat milk gelato using milk from its registered herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. We – Michael and Lisa Davis – own and operate the farm. This is our story.

In 2012, we left successful corporate jobs in New York City to become part of a small farming community in rural Vermont. Some people called us crazy, but those who knew us best knew better. It wasn’t a snap decision. We had been thinking about it for years. With a deep-rooted passion for food and for cooking, Michael had spent nearly two years volunteering at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, New York, as part of the livestock team to learn all he could about animal husbandry, while exploring dairy more fully. He spent nearly a decade honing his gelato recipes and the rest, as they say, is history.

Upon moving to Vermont, we took the time to become intimately familiar with our land and what it could support, learned how to care for it properly, experimented with all sorts of livestock (chickens, turkeys, pigs and, of course, goats), took stock of our existing infrastructure, and determined what a viable farm business might look like.  

We decided to pursue an agricultural endeavor because a) we love great food, and b) great food starts with great farmers. We also wanted to put our energy toward a different type of life…one in which we could wake up each morning eager to face the day (No more dreaded Monday mornings or long, crowded commutes for us!), be proud of what we were doing, take ownership of our successes and failures, feel challenged every day, work to the high standards we set for ourselves, share our passion with the public and – with a little luck – be rewarded for our efforts.  

We wanted a simpler life, but not in the sense of being easy. In fact, the art and science of farming and gelato-making’s a lot more difficult than anyone might imagine. The difference, for us, is that here on the farm, “work” and “play” are the very same thing. It’s a privilege to raise animals that make us laugh, keep us humble and, in a very magical way, deliver the wholesome milk that enables us to produce truly amazing farmstead gelato that brings a smile to all who try it. That, alone, makes it all worthwhile. 


Our mission is simple:  to surprise and delight our customers by producing a premium farmstead goat milk gelato with superior taste, texture, and digestibility….because no one with a sensitivity to cow’s milk should be deprived of America’s favorite frozen treat. And even the rest deserve the best.